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We have also a Corescan with associated software and special visualisation software
This core scanning machine makes it possible to record and calibrate sections of drilling core of 4 to 15 cm diameter up to one meter in length in a single operation. The cores are rotated about their longitudinal axis on a specially made mechanical system and they are scanned by a digital line-scanning camera. Rotation of the core is registered by means of an incremental rotary position transducer and a new line is scanned every time the circumference rotates by an increment of 0.2 mm.
Scanning software matched to the system processes the scanned data and generates color images on the monitor screen. The program runs under Windows and displays an image of the surface in the Windows Bitmap format. The program uses this data to automatically calculate the structure's angle of dip, direction of dip and joint relative to a previously defined reference line. After editing, the whole image can be stored on the hard disk and edited or printed. The characteristic data for the registered structures are entered directly onto the Core Image Analysis, Structural Analysis or Statistical and Graphical presentation Software programs for further analysis.
CoreScan Hardware

Key features include:

* Digital acquisition and storage of full circumference cores (360)  and slabbed cores in 24 bit true color (DigiCore  software system)

* Core-Log Integration to geological profile by continuous composition of cores with respect to their orientations and depths (CoreLog / TecLog software system)

* Depth-Matching with respect to evaluated core gaps. Evaluation of the geological structures with a pickup routine (Bedding, Joints, Fractures...)

* Derivation of true depth, strike and dip of structures

* Calibration and North-Orientation of the acquired structures in connection with geophysical logs
Associated software is dedicated to visualize the complete core section with zooming and printing
Software include tools to create a "core like" drawing with rotation on the axis.
Visualisation software