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Permeability vectors (K1 and K3) orientation can be modelled in order to calculate the optimal drilling direction in case of injector (K1) or producer (K3) wells.

In an anisotropic pervious rock medium, such as a fractured reservoir, the best orientation of a well for the most efficient drainage of an oil field, could be deduced from the orientation of the permeability ellipsoid.
Thus, the orientation of an production well should be sub-parallel to the K3 vector. Statistically the best spatial distribution of the K3 vector is found drawing a K3 density stereonet and determining the mean lineation vector.

Permeabily Vectors : K vectors
The permeability vectors (module and direction) are calculated on each 1meter or 3feet interval all along the well.
Example of Synthesis map showing the orientation of the K3 vector
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