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AS3D goniometer

With the AS3D system the collection of data is done by direct digitization on the cores and the orientation of all planes and lines existing on the cores is done by computer. This procedure is based on a 3D digitization operation. The coupled software package allows the input of geological description of planes and then instantaneous drawing of various types of diagrams
Fractures analysis

Corias geologists are specialized in fracture analysis. From data collecting to drawing the results, they take care of all information regarding the structural analysis of the cores. Natural or induced, all fractures will be collected and described.

Corias Company has gained a large experience in applications requiring on-site core reorientation. Performing the work at the rig site immediately after core recovery proved to provide very reliable and highly accurate results, especially due to the integrity of core samples before the core is cut and transported.


In complement to the core analysis with AS3D equipment , Corias has also a CoreScan video system to use for pictures storage or for structural analysis with integrated software. In combination to this equipment we can offer UV light pictures or transmited light (salt coring) service.