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The original data obtained from the reference scribelines are computed and restored in their real spatial position by a reorientation process taking in account the orientation data.

The cores are grooved by three knifes as they are going into the core barrel. These knifes are separated by three different angles  (100° , 120° and 140° ) and one of them is the reference groove. This groove will be used as reference line to make the measurement of the structures on cores (the reference line drawn on the cores is oriented in reference with this groove).

A multishot instrument is set within a non-magnetic collar above the core barrel and aligned with the reference groove. Survey data are shot throughout the course of coring providing orientation of the entire core.

The tectonic and sedimentary data picked up in reference to the orientation groove are replaced in geographical position by using the core orientation data that are delivered in a tabular format with the depth.
Oriented Cores