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SPE Paper 2015 - Fracture characterization and In situ stress mapping: Kuwait Case Study

IPTC-2013- Reliable Fracture Characterisation and Value Addition through Special Core Reorientation: Kuwait Case Study

Powerpoint presentation of CORIAS well synthesis analysis 

Example of core dipmeter log from real case history 

Methodology for fracture porosity and permeability computing 

Corias/ReservoirGroup presentation flyer

Core vs Image log - SCA 2004 Poster presentation 

Corias presentation brochure

Corias Technical brochure 

Example of synthesis study

Carnets de Geologie/Notebooks on Geology 2009/06 - Quick look cathodoluminescence analyses and their impact on the interpretation of carbonate reservoirs. Case study of mid-Jurassic oolitic reservoirs in the Paris Basin
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